I don't do pretty. i do pretty cool.

I don't do pretty. i do pretty cool.



strategic branding for small businesses

Class is a Timeless Investment 

You’re confident that branding can make or break a business, but what you’re less confident in is how to make sure it’s not the latter. Enter Fig. 2 Design Studio, because you’ve put too much time and effort into your business to come across as anything but polished. 

You need branding that makes it obvious to your customers who you are, how you slay your competition, and why you’re worth the higher price tag. And trust us — with these designs, they’ll be breaking out their checkbooks.

with all due respect, you need fig. 2

fig. 2

Kelly Doolan Styling

fig. 2

Be Sage Conference

hilton head 2017  |  miami 2019  |  Austin 2020

fig. 2

Marigold & Grey

photos courtesy of marigold & Grey

fig. 2

97 Films

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fig. 2

Liz Fogarty Photography

fig. 2


fig. 2

Be Sage Consulting

There is sometimes this notion that artistic people struggle with running businesses but this not at all the case with Claudia. She has an impeccable eye for design and pairs that with never missing deadlines and being outspoken enough to push you past your comfort zone to get you results beyond your wildest dreams. She up-leveled our brand by creating custom packaging materials and our sales have soared! Whatever she tells you, listen! She’s the best there is.

marigold& Grey

jamie kutchman wynne

be sage consulting

Claudia always goes above and beyond with talent and creativity. I absolutely LOVE working with her — and trust her with all of our identity.

michelle loretta

first impressions matter

Fig. 2 Knows How To Make You Look Good

You’ve got big plans for your industry, and it’s time the world knows it. Iconic design is so much more than just picking pretty colors. In the blink of an eye, it speaks to your customer, shoos away the competition, and shows off what makes your business breathe. It’s brains and beauty in one sleek package, just like you.

Nike has their swoosh, Chanel has their double Cs, and you’ve got Fig. 2 Design Studio.

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