I don't do pretty. i do pretty cool.

I don't do pretty. i do pretty cool.

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Custom Wedding Stationery
         Small Business Branding

What color is your story? What typeface is it? Is it embossed or foil stamped? Whether it’s through a subtle pattern design on the back of your wedding invitation, or the color palette chosen to welcome clients into your lobby, you’re telling a story. Fig. 2 Design Studio makes sure it’s the one you want to tell.


say adios to same old same old


meet claudia (she/her)

Just a Colombian girl,
living in a colorful world.

There are a few things you should know about me: I’m a travel aficionado, so lots of global influence in my work; my love of color started with my obsession with design; and I can’t deny being an organization fanatic, which means you’ll always know exactly what to expect from Fig. 2. Most importantly, though, you should know that I’m an excellent listener. Once I’ve heard your story, I'll narrate it through lavish letterpress, tantalizing typography, and meticulously modern monograms. 

Fig. 2 Design Studio is

but boring. 

We understand that the best stories are playful, bold, thoughtful, and the best way to tell them is on paper.

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