December 23, 2013




John Allen is the force behind Sweaters and Sustenance, a project he started a few years ago in memory of his father. Every year, John collects sweaters, coats, and other warm clothing for the homeless and hands them out at Christmas along with a sandwich, chips, fruit, and bottled water that he and his family put together for them. I was so touched by what John was doing, that I knew I wanted to take part and help any way I could. Last year, I was lucky to have received a new winter coat so I donated my old one along with some sweaters. This year, I've helped John by putting together his Facebook page for Sweaters and Sustenance, helping him a little bit with his social media outreach (follow him on Instagram!), and cleaning out my closet knowing full well everything would be going to someone who truly needs something warm. The other way I hope to help John is by donating money via the sales of our newest Letters For Love cards. The 7 calligraphers who took part this year were incredibly generous and we hope to sell lots of cards this Valentine's season and help contribute to John's great project.

The world needs more people like John and I am truly honored to know him. He's an incredible young man and I encourage you to keep the holiday spirit by checking out his Sweters and Sustenance Facebook page so you can see for yourself how wonderful and inspiring he truly is. If you are in the DC area, please leave a comment if you can help him this holiday season. 


Here's a little tid bit about John:

Favorite letter, number, or word: 4

Favorite color or color combo: Blue

Favorite office supply item: Notecards

Favorite sandwich? Tuna Sandwich 

Cardigan or pull-over? Pull-Over

What attracted you to partner with the Letters for Love project? The theme of this great project is aimed at bringing joy to people's lives.

What does love mean to you? Love represents the feelings of a skipped heart beat, that moment when it's hard to breathe, and when the words "She's the one" echo in your mind. 

Fill in the blank: I love Caroline.

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November 19, 2013

In response to Laura Hooper's Q&A to her favorite color, we've rounded up some fun purple goodies for today's color post! What's your favorite shade?

bkr bottles via designlovefest / Windsor Smith lavender office chair via Little Green Notebook / festive confetti cheers! notecards from the Fig. 2 shop / purple square studs from Kate Spade / purple starter set from Poppin'

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November 15, 2013

As recent transplant to our local DC area, we're especially happy to introduce Laura Hooper Calligraphy to our Letters for Love collaboration series! This card says, "You give the best love" and appropriately includes #happyvalentinesday. We loved making Laura's lettering into a pattern full of love. Snag Laura's card here and get to know more about her:

Favorite letter, number, or word: 4

Favorite color or color combo: Purple has been my favorite color ever since I was a little girl. I don't use it too often in my work, but it always makes me happy.

Favorite office supply item: Calligraphy pens and ink!

Favorite sandwich: Grilled cheese...a side of tomato soup doesn't hurt either.

Cardigan or pull-over? Cardigan

What attracted you to the Letters for Love project? After seeing the initial round of Letters for Love, I knew I wanted to collaborate with such a talented group of artists if ever given the chance. I think taking the time to use whatever talents we have to help others is so important, and I'm just honored to have gotten this opportunity.

What does love mean to you? Love means caring for someone or something beyond ourselves. In relation to people, for me, love is accepting someone for who they are and complementing them in such a way that they are the very best version of themselves.

Fill in the blank: I love my family...although we may not always bring out the best versions of each other!

Thanks so much, Laura!

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